Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Melbourne - 30 men in shorts and foodie heaven :)

Day two in Melbourne.
Blue skies and crisp air, city of delis and - for this week - The Lions.

Yes, I am a (temporarily) converted Lions fan. 
My newly 21 year old son is fanatical, and having celebrated his 21st birthday mid flight to Melbourne from the UK, we were at the Aami stadium yesterday evening for The Lions versus Melbourne Rebels.

There is something very photogenic about thirty men in shorts.
And leaving 30 men in shorts aside, it was also special because Josh's dad was there too.

Tomorrow I'm going to track down some fabric shops - by my logic Australia is closer to Japan than the UK, so Kokka fabric should be much cheaper here. And Australian vintage.
 Although the same can't be said for cheese. 

That would be the very nice cheese with the very expensive, non existent price tag I found in the deli. 
Lesson learned - do not buy from the very first deli in the deli-filled arcade, as they get cheaper the further away from the entrance.

 $35 DOLLARS!!!


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