Saturday, 29 June 2013

Musing - with the distraction of a foodie paradise.

The thing about getting away is that it gives you the chance to evaluate.
The downside of getting away so far is that by the time my bodyclock's adjusted completely, we're halfway through.  
And bunions don't like planes. Or blisters.  Or ankles.  It must be a forty thing.
And Llanrhidian seems rather dull.  

I have stagnated in Llanrhidian.  It's easy to stay too long.  Fantastic for Josh to grow up in, for work, for safety, for the backdrop.  But now Josh has moved on, and my work is no longer in the village.
In fact, Llanrhidian is probably not ideal for craft.  Understatement.
And it doesn't have a deli.

Last year I was completely unprepared for the Christmas rush, and closed my order book in early November.  I also undercharged, and regularly worked till 2am to get orders out.  
Lesson learned...I'm not naturally gifted in business sense!

This year, I am going to be more prepared. 
 Funny to be thinking about Christmas in June, but not thinking about Christmas in sunshine was my big mistake before. So now, I'm going to think in upside down seasons!

And I'm wondering what other craft sellers learned during their first year of business?

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