Sunday, 17 February 2013

When the world was my oyster...

In 1987 I achieved my dream of backpacking around Egypt.  With a bunch of strangers I met on a beach in Eilat.  Three weeks on less than £100, an amount that my twenty year old son could easily spend on a night out.  
Now, my dreams seem to involve a solvent bank account, an order a day and a greenhouse. Oh, my goodness, times have changed!
I have become stuck in a rut, and coming across this photo the other day has brought memories flooding back.  I look at this photo and can see my dreams, ambition in my eyes.  With the desert spread out below,the world was my oyster, in the way it can only be as a teenager.  I love this photo, and may stick it on my fridge to inspire me to expand my boundaries.

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