Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Blue skies and ditsy daisies...

It's amazing the difference a blue sky can make in the morning.  The difference between hibernating under the duvet for another five minutes and flinging the door open to lemon sunshine. I don't think I could ever learn to love winter, but I do love the comfort and tactile warmth of winter fabrics, like tweed and wool.  And hot chocolate. With marshmallows.
So this week, inspired by the watery winter sun, I have been rediscovering all things floral, and am kicking off Spring with Ditsy Daisy. She's a sweet, floral owl cushion, made from a soft babycord.  

I love lilac. It's such an uplifting, happy colour, and one that I am always drawn to.  I have also ordered some more ''songbird'' fabric, along with a gorgeous, pink paisley impulse buy - well, it would have been a waste  just to order the one! 


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