Friday, 1 February 2013

Bye, bye, January.

A long month of greyness, a distinct lack of natural light and large heating bills.  Of family niggles, and lapses in communication. Of the lure of Hotel Chocolat sale chocolates, delivered to myself from myself,  in oversized boxes via Interlink.  Well, I need the boxes for my owls!!!

Sales have slowed down in the January slump, and I'm expecting February to be pretty quiet, too.  After the manic months leading up to Christmas it has taken a while to adjust to the slower pace of orders - my body clock got used to 2am bedtimes!
I'm using the time to experiment with new designs and build up stock, and am having a run on foxes at the moment.  I love the comfort of winter fabrics - the tweed, the wool - the contrast of charcoal grey against the vibrant orange of the fox.  

This is Snoozy Fox, my favourite design during January.

I am working on a range of snoozy fox gadget cases, but as a (relatively) gadget free person I have been amazed at the variety, volume and variations in dimension of the gadget market.  Whatever happened to a phone and computer?  Now there are tablets, kindles, large phones, small phones, i-pods...and endless procession of essential items.  Until last year I'd never heard of a tablet. I'm tempted!


  1. So cute! This is the sort of stuff I'd love to be able to come up with, but I think I lack 3D imagination to bring them to life..... I will keep you in mind for the next children's birthday that I come across :-)
    Here's hoping to a fruitful February.

  2. Thankyou :) And good luck with your folksy shop, too.
    Sarah x

  3. That cushion is sooooo gorgeous!!!

  4. Awww, thankyou!
    I've just started on a paisley/floral snoozy fox :) xx