Monday, 10 December 2012

Love at first touch...

Ten months in, and this is my first Christmas trading as The Sherbet Patch.
Phew!!! November - busy, busy, busy.  
December - swamped with order deadlines, but today I can see a chink of light in the owl paraphernalia that has slowly taken over my front room.  I'm on the home stretch with my order book,  and there will be room for a Christmas tree after all!
Exhausted.  And looking forward to a two week break over Christmas.  The last time I had more than a day off from sewing was July.  Self employment is tough,  but satisfying.  I've learned a lot this year.

I source my material from many different places - online, independent retailers, Liberty, John Lewis...Brick Lane.  However,  you can't beat the satisfaction gained from unearthing a gem in a charity shop, and the gorgeous (fully lined!) tweed above - complete with original labeling - was found lurking amongst the polyester duvets in a Swansea charity shop.  Love at first touch! 

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