Tuesday, 1 May 2012

That moment in time.....

In everyone's life, there is that defining moment, or a time so special that the years which pass fail to dim the memories or blur the edges.  For me, it was the summer of '91.  The defining moment was pregnancy, with my now 19 year old son, but those five months, from July to December, contain so many special moments and memories, and the friendships forged during that time are still with me now.  Funny how a time nearly two decades ago has had such an influential effect on my life.  


Israel.....special from the first moment I set foot in Jerusalem, in 1986.
Kibbutz....four, but the one which remains so special is Sdot Yam.
Jerusalem....oh, my goodness, Jerusalem!!!  Mad, crazy times, set against such a beautiful backdrop, where seeing the sunrise usually meant a 4am walk up Ben Yehuda from The Underground.

But what was it that made the summer of '91 so special?  SdotYam has that magical quality; the beach, the sunsets, Mexico City, but they were there before.  The people.  Yes, the people ~ there was an energy, a vibrancy, chemistry.  We bonded over blue jugs and bonfires.  Hitching.  Midnight raids on the kitchen.  Afternoons chilling.  Parties.  The Underground.  Ein Gedi.  

A moment in time.....

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